Branding by Design...

I am the Executive Director of Marketing for Dean's Professional Services, a national staffing staff development and consulting firm... what does this mean exactly? 

Among other things, I am the Brand Design Manager.

The integrity of the brand within the Dean's Professional Services is one of the most important aspects to the success of the company. When I first began to redevelop the brand in 2007, I focused on creating a simple professional standout look. I knew the look would need to exude professionalism without looking too lavish, gaudy, or snobby. 

By adding a simple clean vector object to a group of stock photos, I created a unique new look that birthed the rebranding look and feel for Dean's Professional Services.


Since the initial rebranding look, I have expounded on the "blocks" to create a different feel without losing the brand design. 

Obviously, the brand is much more than the pictures used in marketing materials, it has to flow through to the words, phrases, and the overall message of any marketing piece. 

This for me was a foundation, a starting point for what I wanted the entire organization to "feel" like.

It is important for any member of the general public to recognize the brand from any marketing piece viewed.