What makes a good logo...

What makes a good logo? Style, Color, Recognizability?

I believe a good logo is about the feel of the logo matching the identity of the company. The logo should be a visual extension of the mission statement / motto / vision of the company.

The style of the logo really depends on the style of the company. If the company is going for a modern, young, vibrant feel, atmosphere and business structure - the colors and matching symbols must connect accordingly.

What should you pay??? That's a good question. The cost of your logo does not dictate the quality. I repeat, the cost doesn't mean good or bad quality. It's about the designers ability to connect to and understand the client.

Here's a great article that gives the cost of some of the world's most recognizable logos: http://www.highsnobiety.com/2012/08/15/the-cost-of-a-logo-nike-coca-cola-london-2012/

What are your thoughts????

Tiffany Dean-WrightComment