Trying to make your event look good???

Managing any size or type of event is important....and time consuming....and hard work.

I get it.

The thing that gets people to your event is your marketing material and / or your attendees. Your marketing materials for ANY event MUST LOOK GOOD.

Putting out a bad first impression is not a great way to start any event. Especially if your event includes inviting people that aren't as familiar with you or your product.

Consistency and branding are extremely important. If you are hosting an event and your invitation materials look different than your corresponding website or signage materials, it can be confusing and eventually lose your purpose and your branding message.

I know, I know....your saying "really your branding message???" Yes!

Lastly, you event-day materials need to be strategically thought out. If you want someone to leave your event and remember the day/event and maybe even take action - you need to give something that initiates just that!

The images, colors, fonts and words someone initially saw needs to be given to them when they leave. AND the action instructions, phone number or just things to remember need to be outlined clearly and legibly.

I really enjoy putting together event materials because of all the different type of materials that can be used. From save the dates to invitations to programs to tickets and table toppers to signage and can be exciting and overwhelming.

Just remember everything should look the same! Be consistent and be clear!

Tiffany Dean-WrightComment